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They have been around for a while now, we have had multiple sightings and reports, but, they have not stayed in one place for long enough for us to make contact.

Until now......

Their intentions at this point are unclear, but what is apparent is that they are here to stay!

They have made first contact and this is all we know so far.....

Grem, is the most vocal and we believe is the leader, but this could simply be part of the act.  Grem has been friendly and even a big help to the Voyagers when repairing their ships.

Purp, is very quiet but always watching, we are not not sure how well he speaks our language, we are hopeful that further interactions will enable us to get to know Purp in more detail.

Oran, is the funny Robot, always cracking jokes and chats to everyone, Oran lets Grem to most of the talking but always chips in with a joke at every opportunity.  Unfortunately not all of the jokes are that good!

We know you will get to spend more time with the Robots than us - so any information you discover on your travels please let us know.

Foamë R080TS can do just about anything you want and we can guarantee that they will never become self-aware, malfunction, maim or lead to the fall of humanity as we know it with 100% user controlled interface


Our R080ts set contains your secret blueprint to build your own Foame Robot.  They come in a range of colours:

* Orange

* Purple

* Green

Product Information

What is Foamë made of? 

Love and Science! 

Foamë is a special recipe of polymer foams. Designed to offer supreme durability, tough yet flexible and kind under the foot! A unique blend of Ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), Polyethelene (PE), Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) and rainbows make up the ultra high-grade Foamë we use in our toys for the bathtub to the beyond. Foamë is also waterproof - closed cell, not like a sponge- and mould resistant.
Is Foamë safe to eat? 

The materials are certified Food-Grade and contain no nasties; it's free from BPA, Formamide and Phthalates, so no harm if they are eaten but we can think of much tastier treats to eat!


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