Foamë 101
Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101

Foamë 101

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Let us introduce you to the big daddy of our playsets: Foamë 101. 

As the name suggests, this set comes with no fewer than 101 foam elements - providing you with an enormous variety of rudimental building toys for exploratory play. This set is as simple or as complex as you want it to be - so open up your mind and let your imagination do the building. 

101 FOAMë play-SET


Inside the zip-top bag, crafty creators will find: 

* 1 x construct element type 

* 100 foam pieces in 10 vibrant colours 

* 1 x Foamë waffle base-plate 

Build a world, break it down and start again. The fun is never-ending with the Foamë 101 kit. 

What is Foamë made of?

Love and Science!

Foamë is a special recipe of polymer foams. Designed to offer supreme durability, tough yet flexible and kind under the foot! A unique blend of Ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), Polyethelene (PE), Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) and rainbows make up the ultra high-grade Foamë we use in our toys for the bathtub to the beyond. Foamë is also waterproof; closed cell, not like a sponge, and mould resistant. 

Is Foamë safe to eat? 

The materials are classified 'Food-Grade' so contain no nasties; it's free from BPA, Formamide and Phthalates; no harm if they are eaten, but we can think of much tastier treats!


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