Foamë 101
Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101Foamë 101

Foame 101

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101 construct

Rudimental | Experimental building

1 x construct part: elemental number 001

100 pieces: 10 vibrant colours

1 x Foamë waffle base-plate

Freedom building in its purest form. Intuitive free-play for the imaginative and exploratory minded. All tucked away in the foamë zip-top tidy away storage bag. No rules.

101 FOAMë play-SET

A basic elemental building toy for exploratory free play. 

101 building, as named suggests offers limitless play and has... 101 bits included (not accounting for those detailing widgets). We thought we would keep it simple so you don't have to.

What or how you build is completely up to you, the possibilities are endless

What is Foamë made of?

Love and Science!

Foamë is a special recipe of polymer foams. Designed to offer supreme durability, tough yet flexible and kind under the foot! A unique blend of Ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), Polyethelene (PE), Calcium Carbonate (Chalk) and rainbows make up the ultra high-grade Foamë we use in our toys for the bathtub to the beyond. Foamë is also waterproof; closed cell, not like a sponge, and mould resistant. 

Is Foamë safe to eat? 

The materials are classified 'Food-Grade' so contain no nasties; it's free from BPA, Formamide and Phthalates; no harm if they are eaten, but we can think of much tastier treats!


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