Foamë Creatures includes 15 adaptable creative animals for children ages 3 to 7 years. Made with strong foam blocks that last making perfect bath toys and for pretend play. Build your happy with foamë including guidebook with travel and storage bag. Take along toys for bath time and building fun.


We’re not the first people to explore the Foamëverse landscape. Allow us to introduce you to our Creatures set - they were here long before the humans came along! The wildlife of the Foamëverse is of course friendly, and - most importantly - these critters are lots of fun and love to meet new people.


These foam animal toys comprise of 78 elements and your children’s new friends also come with a handy zip-top travel case with sucker and mesh base for drying off and easy tidying. 

A simple, illustrated guide book is included and is designed to assist learning and building - it also provides info on all 15 magnificent creatures.  Inside the bag you’ll find: 

* Ninja-starfish (flies very well) 
* Scampë the crab 
* Manta ray 
* Turtle 
* Shark 
* Octopus 
* Penguin 
* Ducks (big and little) 
* Crocodile 
* Snake 
* Polar bear 
* Fishies (x2) 
* Torpedo tuna 
* Dolphin 
* Blue whale 

Whether you’re teaching your kids about different animals or working on their sensory development, these foam toys are perfect for nurturing their young minds and fuelling their imagination.