Welcome to the Foamëverse

Once upon a polly tide time..

It began with a rumble in a sky of brilliant white, then fell a single widget so colourful and bright.

Upon touching the ground - without so much as a sound - that widget had morphed into two!

A widget of Wonder the other called Haste, set off to work to build and create. 

As is the way of the world that we see it wasn't too long before two became three - Wonder and Haste made Magic...

After Magic arrived, life was never the same, and so the Foamëverse first got its name.

The widgets made pieces and those pieces made bits, and that’s where your part in this epic tale fits. 

With Creatures, Adventures and Voyages too, each with stories unwritten, just waiting for you. 

It begins with some foam, ideas, old and new, it begins with a spark, and that spark is you. 

Discover the Foamëverse play-sets..