For digits that fidget and crave to do more we've squishable building toys for you to explore. 

Without further ado we've some more words for you and this is how they read.We'd like to take you on a journey to explore a hidden land, a world of hope and mystery that really has no plan. 

It started with a rumble in a sky of brilliant white, then fell a single widget which bounced and sprung to life.

From that white and in to the new that single widget soon turned into two. 

A widget of Wonder another called Haste set off to work to build and create.As is the way of the world that we see it wasn't long before two became three.Wonder and Haste made Magic.

Each danced around without making a sound in rainbows of shape making mayhem.Those widgets made bits and those widgets made pieces and that's where we are today.

With Creatures, Adventures and Voyages too, each with stories unwritten that are waiting for you. Delve inside and you will find a new realm of squishable play. 

But that's not where the widgets stopped my friends you see there's more.One widget went one way the others another for freestyle builders of all. 

Now big kids and little can delve and have fun with Fidgetë, Cubë and foamë 101.Built for travel and designed in a way that with foamë in hand you can dream as you play. 

We'll show you how and at least give you a clue, but the question remains just what can you do?

So, this is where your story starts and there really is no end. 

Now build us and drop us and take us away to remake and remodel the following day.With the tip of your finger or end of a pen pop out a widget and do it again. 

Just one more thing and I'll be on my way. 

Look after those widgets, take good care of them please, they were made with love and their work is not done as I'm sure in time you'll see. 

They made bits they made pieces each with stories to build in a way no other widget can do. So, wherever you take them you needn't be shy to send us your pictures of smiles and say hi. 

From out of the white and into the new,

it begins with a rumble...that rumble is you.