Building Toys

Forget about your traditional brick building know-how - Foamë sits differently on the play range...

... it takes a squash and a squeeze, not a click and clack, to build this softer world of play!


Foamë building consists of Construct, Connect and Adapt building elements that have a variety of connective abilities. 

Depending on the model requirements, there’s always a piece to fit the puzzle.

Aside from the benefits of the soft-touch materials, Foamë encourages exploratory and pretend play without the mess or noise that other play resources can entail.

How else is Foamë different from other building toys?

The tactile and sensory nature of Foamë means that building robust models takes 'squish-power' as the building blocks depend on a friction fit with interlocking connectivity.

Massaging the models and blocks with nips, pushes and squeezes gives added strength to the creations and is a great stress-reducer, too.

For maximum bonus points, when some of it escapes tidy up time, never will a foot be harmed!


No unnecessary big box packaging here!

Foamë toys are supplied in zip-top fabric storage satchels, with a carry handle, suckers and a mesh base - covering all play eventualities. 


The intuitive and bouncy building blocks are vibrantly coloured for ease of identifying and supported by guidebooks where appropriate, getting little and big hands off to a flying start.


A 5-minute flurry or a 12th-hour triumphant buildathon, the limits of Foamë play are endless.

For messy play to serious world-building and all the marvellous madness that comes through exploratory wandering.

Think 3D jigsaw, puzzle and construction toy with a splash of rainbow magic for good measure, mixed up together with bags of creativity. 

A very clever man once said..

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

- A.Einstein

..we couldn't agree more!

With open-ended creative play and guided story-building sets to choose from, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy!

What in the world will your heroes do next? Feed their imaginations with Foamë.