Our Story

Building a softer world of play one smile at a time.

Creating the right materials, that are safe, recyclable and have all the build potential of other toys (plus a bit more!) was most important factor in founding Foamë.

We’re a family team of creatives, parents and designers, passionate about making high quality play and learning resources for harmonious childhoods and peaceful households.

With backgrounds in furniture making, industrial design, graphical arts and storytelling, Foamë is the ongoing labour of love, science and rekindled childhood memories.


Creativity and all of its forms, be it dance, art, music, poetry, writing - however the outlet - but more importantly through play, we encourage it in daily doses!

Developing confidence for self-expression is key to long-term growth and strength of mind, ultimately helping find purpose and with it happiness.

Play is pivotal in developing and nurturing imaginations, it helps us think outside the box, entertain new ideas and come up with innovative solutions.


Moving toward biodegradable and fully sustainable materials is the ultimate goal for Foamë.

As the climate crisis deepens as does our concern and focus toward balance - that and reinventing the wheel!

In the words of Albert Einstein -

"Play is the highest form of research."

...we do this everyday!

Designed for living, engineered for play.

Because, life’s hard enough.

Foamë (foam-ee)

- Imagination unzipped.