We first discovered the Foamëverse 3 years ago; back then it was just a small widget, nothing more, and at the same time, nothing less.

This small widget set up a chain of events, that in hindsight, seem only normal, but at the time they were anything but....  With some love, care and attention, Cubë grew into something more and before we knew it, a new universe had been created, full of colour and life.

No one knows what Foameverse looked like before, and as far as we know, no one has ever asked or investigated this, all we can do is tell you what we know (and a little of what we don't)


All of the seas are the exact same size, the same colour and the same warm temperature all year around. The seas are deep enough for the largest boat, but shallow enough that you can always see the bottom, which is great for all those sea searchers that may not be the best swimmers!


They embrace their name in so many ways, never content unless they are exploring new lands or building new towns and villages. They are a friendly bunch, always looking to learn from their new discoveries and respectful of the land; always ensuring that their adventures cause no damage to the wildlife and nature that was there before them.


As their name might explain, the Captains are a sea faring race, who are the guardians of the 18 oceans. From building new and faster boats, to saving little fish, their mission is never over and without them, sea life may not have flourished in quite the same way.


The Foamëverse is full of amazing wildlife and creatures, all of which are friendly, inquisitive and sometimes mischievous. Protected by the Captains and the Adventurers, they have flourished to provide colour, happiness and joy to all who inhabit the Foamë Universe.