Terra Creatures


Little ones can build 6 hero creatures and foam animal toys thanks to the 43 elements in this set. While these creatures are commonly found on land, they’re not opposed to a dip in the tub!

The Terra's come in the Foamë zip-top bag with an illustrated guide book that’s designed to help your youngsters understand more about their new foamy friends.


The creatures have been roaming the Foamëverse for longer than us mere mortals realise - and the critters in this set are no different. They love nothing more than getting acquainted with the humans, so if your kids are keen to make some new buddies, look no further!

Adaptable to both earth and water, these little terras are the ideal way to enjoy any sort of playtime with your kids, all while allowing their imaginations to cook up a world of creativity. The foam widgets dry naturally, so you needn’t worry about mould or damage to the toys - meaning your kids can easily switch between playing with them at bathtime or before bed.


The set comes in the Foamë zip-top bag and with an easy to follow illustrated guide book to help your little learners understand more about their new found foam friends.

Inside the bag you’ll find: 

* Ducks
* Snake
* Polar bear
* Penguin
* Crocodile
* Scampë the Crab

Suitable for ages 3 to 99. No animal handling experience necessary.