Aqua Creatures


Our aquatic foam animal toys are made up of 36 elements to allow your kids to create 9 water-dwelling creatures. 

A compact building and bath toy, this play-set offers younger hands an introduction to the storybuilding world of Foamë and can be built upon with the Terra Creatures for a full ensemble of Creature creationism.


Us mere humans were not the first to explore the Foamëverse - these intriguing aquatic foam creatures were here long before us! They’re friendly, fun and love to meet new people, making them the perfect playtime companions for the little people in your life.

These critters of the sea are tough and pride themselves on adapting to even the harshest of climates - so whatever your kids are conjuring up with their creative imaginations, the Aqua Creatures are up for the challenge. 

The creatures of the deep love nothing more than a splash in the bathtub - but don’t worry, they dry quickly if your little adventurers decide to play with them on land, too!


The set comes in the Foamë zip-top bag and with an easy to follow illustrated guide book to help your little learners understand more about their new found foam friends.

Inside the bag you’ll find: 

* Fishies (x2)
* Shark
* Dolphin
* Torpedo tuna
* Whale
* Manta
* Ninja-starfish
* Turtle
* Octopus

A fun and educational addition to bathtimes, these underwater foam toys promise to make perfect play companions.