THE FOAMëverse collective

Have you ever wanted to swim with a dolphin, fly your very own plane or build a rocket to take you in to space? 

Whether it's structured building or free play, for kids big and little, we've play-sets for all. Peaceful creative toys to explore imaginations... 

Everything you see within the Foamëverse is adaptive, which means as you build your collection you'll be able to make bigger, wilder and often much, much weirder creations! 

Welcome to a new World of building toys where rainbows of play will brighten your day - squishable storybuilding with imagination unzipped...

Foamë 101
Aqua Creatures
Terra Creatures

For playtime from bath to bed, and every waking hour in between, our toys are designed to spark and nurture imaginations for young creatives the World over. Designed and made in Northumberland by parents, with family and fun at the heart of what we do.