Suitable for all Adventurers, ages 6 - 10, and over, this colossus play-set comes in a zip-top bag and contains a whopping 27 model ideas.

So, whether your youngsters are obsessed with space-themed toys or get excited about constructing their very own world, this is the perfect set to get imaginations firing! 


The largest addition to the Foamëverse: the epic Adventures play-set.

Creative play toys for 6 year-olds, to building and construction toys the whole family can enjoy, whatever you're looking for you’ll find it here...

You’ll need to bring your imagination with you mind, as the new towns, villages and cities won’t create themselves!

We’ll give you a helping hand with 2 instruction books to get you on your way, but your options are endless. From huge water towers to train stations, you and your little adventurers get to decide what your Foamëverse will look like.

Build heroes and villains, overcome monsters and epic battles.

It begins with a rumble, a pop and a push, but the play that follows is all down to you!


Inside the bag, you'll find no less than 200 building blocks - providing endless possibilities with construct, connect and adapt elements.

The 2 guide books, packed with modelling ideas, gently introduces the block styles and building system of Foamë.

With increasing complexity from start to finish, the easy to follow illustrated guides will see you on your way from basic-builder to engineer and architect level creators as you expand your skills and Foamë know-how.

Naturally, free-play and experimentation is highly advised, so when you've learned the basics put away those guides and let your imaginations run free!

The handy zip-top bag allows for ease of storage and tidying away so you can simply remake and remodel the following day.

NB: Contains widgets; 11mm sq. cubes that are within the building elements. Allow 10 mins for prep to pop out the widgets with the tip of your finger or the end of a pen. The widgets have many uses; from stylising and detailing models, to stacking, numeracy games or creating works of art!


Modelling ideas

The 2 guide books offer introductory challenges for all ages and will have you revelling in the peace and tranquillity that Foamë squishable building blocks offer.

Book 1  Click for PDF. Link

* Introduction from the flat 2D world to the active 3D Foamëverse
* Aztec Scene with Temple & Totems 
* Mini-Builds; Traffic Light, Motor bike, Quad bike, Racing Car, Skateboarder, Bridge & Palm tree
* Construction site with Cranes and Diggers 
* Cubes; Small, Medium & Large 
* Puzzle Series 1, 2 & 3 

Book 2 Click for PDF. Link

* Bi-Plane & Prop Plane
* Space Rocket 
* Racing Scene set-up; Petrol Pump, Trolley Jack and Dragster Cars 
* Fire Engine 
* Train Station Scene with Steam Engine, Hand Car, Water Tower and Track
* Hero robots; 'Whack Foo' and the mis-fits too..

This is the perfect kit to start building your very own Foamëverse and allow creative minds and intrigued fingers a dexterous journey to building stories through play...