The R080TS have landed!

Three 'Emotibots' - or self-described "f-bots" - have been sanction for release to challenge your imagination and test your dexterous wits as you consider the impact robots hold for the future of humanity..  

Whilst we can't speak on behalf of all robots, that may or may not be taking over the world, our robots have a 100% user controlled interface - no wires, coding or ethical programming skills are required!

These unpredictable characters, who we learn more about every day, are for creatives builders of all ages. Whether your a NASA engineer, gaming warrior, CEO of your universe, or have fidget fingers that need creatively exercising - explore your playful side with these challenging robot models.


The Foamë companion robots arrive in a zip-top go-bag (15 x 15 x 7.5 cm) and contain 47 mixed elements; construct, connect and adapt.

Your DIY robot building kit is accompanied with a detailed A3 schematic to guide you through entry level builder to free-style engineer status. With Flight and Truck Mode reconfigurations on the reverse of the supplied blueprint.

Mindful focus and tech distraction capabilities. Expressive control functionality, stylising your character to suit your mood...

Click for PDF. Schematic



"Oran" [orange f-bot] 

Height: 26.5 mm 
Weight: 200 g 
Age: unknown 
Favourite hobby: skydiving

    "Grem" [green f-bot] 

    Height: 26.5 mm 
    Weight: 200 g 
    Age: unknown 
    Planet take-overs: 1 

      "Purp" [purple f-bot] 

      Vital statistics 
      Height: 26.5 mm 
      Weight: 200 g 
      Age: unknown 
      Favourite film: WALL-E

        DISCLAIMER: Whilst we guarantee these "f-bots" won't become; self-aware, malfunction, maim or lead to the fall of humanity as we know it, how they make you act and feel as a result of continued exposure is subjective, we accept no responsibility should you become intent of scheming interplanetary take-overs.

        Batteries not included*

        And our robot toys aren’t just child's play ... 

        Lifetime tinkerer of toys? Self-confessed geek? Maybe you need a break from tech distractions and you’re in search of alternatives? Whatever your reason, we won’t judge - but let us tell you what we know before you pick your new companion... 

        Grem; The most animated of the trio and who we believe to be the leader of the f-bots. This could however simply be part of an act. He’s appears friendly but has been spotted interfering with satellite systems.  

        Purp; Quiet but always watching. Very mischievous and is perhaps the most intriguing of the f-bots. We’re unsure if Purp communicates any Earthly languages. We’re hopeful that further interactions will unveil any conspiratory plans. 

        Oran; Serial prankster. Spotted putting elements where the sun doesn't shine and in places to imitate the human form whilst.., erm, excited. Appears outgoing with a humour setting turned up to the max.

        As the robots multiply and spread out of the Foamëverse we need you're help in discovering any hidden plans, so please remain vigilant and let us know!