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Finding Your Place in the Foamëverse

  • By Jon Leighton

Finding Your Place in the Foamëverse

For kids both big and small, there’s a place in the Foamëverse for everyone to unleash their inquisitive side and let their creative juices flow. The Foamëverse offers an adaptive escape within which you can make your very own personalities and species, meaning there’s a unique foam friend to suit all ages and interests.

In today’s post, therefore, we’re offering a blueprint on choosing the set that’s right for you, ensuring you can enjoy hours of fun - whether you’re building the foundations of your very own city or you’re delving deep into the ocean to discover new lands.  


Following their recent release, we’re excited to introduce you to our Robots. For those who dream of flying high on a spacecraft mission to discover new planets, our robot toys are experienced flying engineers who are very familiar with their place in the Commander’s seat. Although we don’t know much about our R080ts, we have evidence to believe that Grem has already taken over one planet and is keen to extend his portfolio. For go-getters and mischievous explorers of all ages who love to get lost in hours of educational fidgeting, our bionic friends are excellent companions.  


Our Foamëverse wouldn’t be complete without its wildlife, who are known for their friendly nature with a passion for meeting new people - making them a great children’s playset. If you’re in search of a loyal accomplice, then look no further. Our creatures can be found on land and sea, meaning they’re adaptable for a play-date in the park or a splash around in the tub with little ones that love to explore. Given their life in the wild, our creatures are ready to take on any challenge an adventurer may throw at them, making them a perfect pair for little explorers who aren’t afraid of some rough and tumble.      


Avast Ye! For those who are longing to explore new lands, hop aboard our Voyages set. Holding the ticket to marine life, our captains are a great aide for anyone who wants to let out their inner pirate with this children’s playset. Equipped with all of the tools required for professional exploration, from speedboats to large sailing vessels, stand out on the crow’s nest with our Voyages set and prepare to get serious about discovery.      


For the leaders with limitless aspirations, this set provides you with the building blocks and foundations to create towns, villages and cities - enabling you to design your very own Foamëverse from scratch!

From constructing a water tower that fuels the city to building racing cars reaching speeds faster than no other, this set is for those who love to push the boundaries by creating a limitless land of their own using educational toys.      


Calling all experimenters! Offering elemental building ready for exploratory free play, our 101 set is perfect for all inventors big and small, enabling intuitive boundless play for all personalities. What, how and when you build is entirely up to you - making this the perfect playmate for those who crave spontaneity in the form of foam toys.      


Introducing Fidgetë - for those who sit at their desks with their fingers tapping, craving stationery to play with in the office. This set is simple and offers endless possibilities!

Whether you require an aide for writers block or you’re simply feeling intuitive on a Sunday afternoon, these foam toys contain no guidelines - purposefully! For those who love running with ideas and letting their mind wonder, Fidgetë is a great sidekick.

Our peaceful creative toys offer an aide to every personality type. Whether you’re raring to build your own town or are simply looking for a loyal bathtub companion, there’s an accomplice for everyone when it comes to letting the imagination run freely in the Foamëverse. To enjoy boundless free play that will brighten your day, check out the Foamë range for yourself.
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