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Welcome to the Foamëverse: Introducing our Sets

  • By Mark Sumner

Welcome to the Foamëverse: Introducing our Sets

Here, we’ll be introducing our range of products - which aim to bring a mindful balance to the tech-busy, fast-paced world that we now live in. Our Ro8ots, Creatures, Voyages and Adventures sets are on a mission to offer the balanced stimulation required for healthy and mindful development - and we’d love you and your little ones to join us on our quest.


Following their recent arrival to the Foamëverse, we’re pleased to confirm that the rumours of their sightings were true, and the Ro8ots appear to be here to stay. Our favourite new bionic friends have introduced themselves as Grem, Purp and Oran who, with their playful personalities, are sure to bring endless hours of fun. While their intentions are still unknown, we have been able to gather from our close observations that they’re full of fun, excitement and are always up for a challenge.


Our Foamëverse wouldn’t be complete without its wildlife, and our weird and wonderful Creatures have a reputation for being very friendly. Their favourite hobby is meeting new people, so if your toddler is in search of a new playtime partner, our wildlife range is the perfect companion. While our amicable animals are able to adapt to many different climates, you can typically find them relaxing on land, or taking a dip in the sea to cool down. They’re always ready for a challenge, so if your tots are ready to unleash their wild side with a new kind of fun, then our Creatures can’t wait to meet them.


On a mission to keep the sea life safe, our Voyages toys are constantly discovering new lands and species, thanks to their trusty captains. If exploring hidden treats sounds like the perfect way to keep your youngsters entertained and allow them to unleash their creative side, then these are the toys to have to hand. From Viking ships to junk boats and pirate ships, you’ll be able to get hands-on with your little ones to explore those hard to reach places and discover the mystery of the deep waters.


For those who love discovering new lands, our Adventures set promises hours of exploration, allowing you to create just about anything you dream up. Containing all you need to build everything from cities to towns or villages, this set offers the freedom for you to construct your Foamëverse exactly as you envisaged it. From vehicles to homes, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now that you’re ready to create and discover a land that has no boundaries and offers limitless potential, browse our ranges today to begin your new adventure.
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