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The R080ts are coming

  • By Mark Sumner

The R080ts are coming

Life in the Foamëverse was Fun, Challenging, Exciting!

Just as it should be.

For a time unknown to us, the Captains sailed the 18 seas, and Adventurers explored new lands afar, discovering weird and wonderful creatures along the way. 

We know very little to date about the R080ts however, what we do know, we are happy to share with you.

Should you discover more information on your Foamë adventure please do share, we are still not sure of their intentions and while do not believe they pose any imminent threat, I am sure you would agree that we would all sleep more soundly when we know for sure.

While their names are not known for sure, we have code named them Oran, Gren & Purp, they have been sighted in all areas of the globe but their pattern is showing a slow but steady return to their original home.

(from left to right, Oran, Gren and Purp - not confirmed as real names)

Dud, Buck and Fizzle we believe created the R080ts, after this little is known, they sprang to life and started their own adventures around the Foamëverse.

We have been aware that the R080ts have created their own website, this appears to include secret plans, but for what we have not yet been able to determine.

You can find their site here -

If should spot any of the R080ts please let us know.  We are depending on you!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for latest sightings!


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