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Sensory Play in a Digital World

  • By Jon Leighton

Sensory Play in a Digital World

Sensory play is any activity which stimulates children’s senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Stimulating the senses can help to develop children’s thinking, language, social, emotional and physical skills during early child development, all by encouraging children to naturally discover and use scientific processes while exploring new sensations.

That’s why in today’s post, with the help of our R080ts, we’re discussing the benefits of physical, engaging and sensory toys which offer valuable analogue play in an increasingly digital world. From language development to emotional and physical skills, engaging the senses is a great way to combine fun with experimental learning!

Understanding the senses

Sensory play is inclusive of all activities that stimulate the senses - so sensory play is actually only limited by your imagination. In play experiences, combining fun and the senses is an effective way to help build cognitive skills and encourage learning. 

One of the simplest ways to help children engage and develop their senses is by playing with physical toys. While it may be tempting to hand them a smart device to keep your little ones quiet while you’re busy, electronic items won’t offer the same benefits that physically touching and experiencing kids’ learning toys can. Physical play and imaginative toys help children learn about movements, textures sounds and smells, which is great to enhance and encourage cognitive development. 

That’s where our R080ts come in. They can do almost anything you want, but - luckily - we can guarantee that they’ll never become self-aware! Their 100% user controlled interface is great for active sensory play, helping children to become more self-aware and body-aware - which is key to cognitive growth and learning adaptability

What is sensory play?

While many assume that sensory play is simply picking things up and feeling their texture, sensory play is actually about so much more than touch. Not only is sensory play inclusive of anything that stimulates all five senses, but also includes any activity that engages movement and balance. 

That’s what makes Grem, Purp and Oran, our bionic friends and educational toys who are on a mission to bring you and your children lots of fun, the perfect playtime companion. They’re unrivalled tactile stimulants with supreme durability and flexibility, making them an effective way to introduce and develop your children’s sensory attributes. Children identify objects by touch during tactile sensory play, which helps them develop fine motor skills such as squeezing, pulling, pushing and throwing.

Sensory play and brain development 

Engaging a child in sensory play helps to strengthen their overall brain development for learning, which has endless benefits. Some of the most notable advantages is the promotion of independent thinking and the subsequent application of learned behaviour. Ultimately, young children learn through using multiple senses simultaneously, and hands-on learning with toys is one of the most powerful ways to encourage this. 

In play experiences, combining touch with visual aids, sound, taste and smell is great for building cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the core skills that the brain uses to think, read, learn and remember, which combine to make a dashboard of everyday knowledge. By putting children in front of a problem solving situation, they begin taking note of those objects independently and use their memories to find a solution - this is the sensory memory. 

From the shape to the weight and colour of the objects, children are constantly learning to discover and differentiate each piece of the puzzle in all manner of day to day encounters, making physical play incredibly valuable and engaging for sensory development. 

Although our R080ts can’t process new information, they certainly can help your little ones explore their senses and make sense of the world around them. Sensory play is essential to enriching your children’s learning and encouraging discovery in a way that smart devices simply can’t match. To learn the benefits of bionic life in polymer foams for yourself, check out our ro8ots for yourself!
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