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You'll Get Square Eyes! 4 Ways To Reduce Screen Time This Christmas

  • By Jon Leighton

You'll Get Square Eyes! 4 Ways To Reduce Screen Time This Christmas

With the Christmas holidays in sight, it’s expected that your little ones are going to get bored at some point over the festive period. When boredom strikes, it’s all too easy to switch on the TV and entertain them with their favourite programme or let them play for a few hours on their computer games. However, too much screen time can be detrimental to children’s mental and physical health.

That’s why we’re discussing some ways you can reduce your screen time this Christmas with the family, covering a range of ideas from spending time in the outdoors to indulging in some baking fun or enjoying some physical, educational toys. With our tips, keeping the kids quiet during the festive period will be much easier and offer hours of fun for the whole family.

Spend some time outdoors

While the weather may not always be so inviting during the winter months, it’s still important to spend time outdoors during the cold chill. Despite what our parents have told us about the cold making us ill, spending time in the outdoors can actually make us healthier by escaping the bacteria which is constantly being recycled in our homes, housing itself on TV remotes and computer game control devices to name just two.

Outdoor play is crucial to allowing children to breathe in fresh air and reduce the spread of germs, all while refreshing the mind. Moreover, being cooped up in their bedrooms or sitting on the living room sofa for the majority of the day won’t allow them to burn energy and will prevent them from establishing a positive attitude towards exercising.

Playing outdoors also offers endless learning and development opportunities that computer games can’t, such a stimulating imaginations and offering different ways to learn - consequently helping children of all ages develop vital skills.

Enjoy some exercise

According to NHS research, children should be engaging in 60 minutes of physical activity per day. If children don’t exercise enough, it can disrupt their sleeping schedule and even increase their appetite - which can obviously lead to weight gain. As such, exercise is an effective way to encourage a healthy lifestyle, while also limiting screen time this Christmas. 

As the weather is particularly challenging in winter, spending time outside is great for muscle development and building strength. Be sure to keep it fun to keep the kids interested - a simple stroll in the snow, sledding or even building a snowman offers new opportunities for exercise, which help us to learn and develop in different ways. But, more importantly, going outdoors means that families spend can spend quality time together, all while helping us to get in the festive spirit.

Cook up a storm

If you haven’t already over-indulged in festive treats, it’s time to get your baking hat on. From crumbly mince pies to iced cakes and traditional festive breads, there’s a Christmas baking recipe that every member of the family will enjoy.

Fun cooking activities are a perfect way to entertain children during the winter break. Decorating a gingerbread house is an effective way for the whole family to get into the festive spirit, for example, all while creating a beautiful Christmas decoration for the home. While you may initially be put off by the difficulty of building a gingerbread house, for budding bakers, many retailers sell gingerbread house kits which come with all manner of decorating treats such as jelly tots and ready-to-pipe icing. Some other easy Christmas baking activities include hot chocolate for the whole family, chocolate brownies or banana bread.

Introduce educational toys

When it comes to learning cognitive skills, too much screen time can have negative effects on brain development, affecting memory, attention span and language skills. Educational toys, on the other hand, are an effective way to spark and nurture the imaginations of children by boosting their development and enhancing learning.

Card games are very effective for building memory skills, while also improving personal development and logical thinking, making them a perfect option when it comes to spending time away from the screen. Alternatively, if you’re in search of an educational toy which is a little more personal, our foam toys offer an ideal escape from our digital world.

For younger children, our Adventures and Creatures sets are a fun way to escape the tech and enjoy some family time together by building everything from rocket ships to your very own toy towns. There’s a foam toy for everyone - for adults with digits that love to fidget, our Fidgetë set offers enough blocks to dream up and construct your very own wonderful creations.

The key to reducing screen time over the Christmas period is steering away from the easy option when the boredom inevitably hits. Although technology is likely to keep your little ones quiet for hours, educational toys, spending time outdoors and baking are effective activities which will help you and your little ones learn key skills while also having a great Christmas time with the family. So what are you waiting for? Browse our range today to find the perfect educational toy for you.

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