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What's On Your List? The Ultimate Family Christmas Gift Guide

  • By Jon Leighton

What's On Your List? The Ultimate Family Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas now less than a month away, it’s time to get gift shopping for your loved ones. Recent studies by Which? have found that 1 in 4 people leave their Christmas shopping until just weeks before the big day, resulting in panic purchases and impulse buying.

While some people are easy to buy for, we understand that others require a little more thought. That’s why we’ve put together our ultimate family Christmas gift guide, which will help to fill those pesky gaps in your shopping list. From novelty gifts to some must-have board games and foam toys that the whole family can enjoy, with our help, you’ll be ready to tackle the Christmas shopping ahead of this year’s celebrations.


Novelty gifts

Whether you’re on the hunt for a silly gift, funny gift or something which is simply unique, novelty gifts are a humorous way to get the conversation started during unwrapping time. However, the joker in the family can often be the hardest person to buy for - how do you buy a funny gift for someone who’s always laughing? 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. For a dad that’s always cracking jokes, why not gift them with a joke book? While you might have to listen to them for the majority of the afternoon on 25th December, a joke book is a gift that even the ultimate joker will cherish forever. For the creatives amongst you, opt for a ‘craft your own’ poetry book, which is sure to provide hours of entertainment. You could even gift them a novelty pen alongside the book to make their present feel a little more personal. If your special someone is always on the go, gift them a personalised mindfulness colouring book which will allow busy bees to take some well-deserved time out away from the screen.


Board games

In search of a gift which will double up as a post-Christmas-dinner activity that the whole family can get involved in? Look no further! With board games finding their way back into our cupboards this year, there’s no time like the present to gift your loved one with some cooperative and competitive fun. 

While educational games have been around for a while, they’re a great way to occupy the whole family at Christmas - even the youngsters. Despite being made for younger audiences, educational games are an effective way to bring the family together. For those who relish in some Christmas competition, opt for cooperative games which are guaranteed to bring some excitement into the room. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of a guessing game which will ramp up the suspense, choose hidden traitor games - particularly if your family are a fan of a game that has the capacity to last hours.


Foam toys

Looking for a gift which matches your recipient’s personality? Our foam toys are designed to nurture the minds of creatives, for kids both big and small. For those who work in offices or spend long hours on the phone with their fingers tapping away, consider gifting our Fidgetë set - designed for adults with itchy fingers by giving them the capacity to construct everything from pen pots to foam cranes to hang your door fob from. 

For little ones who are glued to their screens in our increasingly digital world, give the gift of sensory and educational toys. Our foam toys are great for promoting young children’s learning and development by aiding their communication skills through play. Better yet, they’re designed for playtime from bath to bed and every hour in between. Gone are the days of searching through the toybox looking for something to play with!


An experience day

If you’re buying for a family member who has it all or a friend who is constantly on-the-go, an experience is an unforgettable gift which will leave them looking forward to the new year. For foodies who enjoy learning some new tricks, consider a cookery course - whether that’s experimenting with seafood or cooking up some traditional English dishes. From demonstrations to hands-on cooking, this is an experience any budding chef will cherish. 

For those who would consider themselves an adventurer, who loves to unleash their inner Bear Grylls, an outdoor experience is the perfect Christmas gift idea. Whether you opt for a 24 hour adult survival course or a zip world experience for two, there’s endless amounts of fun to be had with day gifts - and you could even buy a ticket for yourself!


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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


The key to buying a gift which is guaranteed to wow your recipient is choosing an item or experience which reflects their personality - and if all else fails, opt for a gift which is sure to get the conversation started. Why not start by browsing our range today to find a gift which your recipient will cherish!

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