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Discover 4 ways to encourage creativity

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Discover 4 ways to encourage creativity

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Listen to music

Make music part of your daily life. Rhythm, harmony, and melody will make your child move and will capture their imagination. Let them wiggle, dance, and jump. Make up silly lyrics with her, and encourage them to write songs of their own.                                                                                            

Act Out Fairy Tales

Instead of just reading a book, act it out. A construction paper cone and a bed sheet can transform you into a princess while a metal bowl on your head and a broom horse can make you a knight. Defeat dragons and go on magical adventures while tapping into your child's imagination.

Instil them with Confidence

Praise your child's creativity whenever you can. Every child wants to be told they're awesome, so don't hold back when they do something fun, exciting, or new. Letting them know they're kind of amazing will help give them the confidence to be creative without fear.

Be a Creative Role Model

Children learn from watching us, so be good to yourself, too. It's easy to get discouraged and tell your child, "I'm no good at drawing," or, "I'm not artistic." Hold the negativity and just enjoy spending time with your little one. You don't have to pretend you're a DaVinci, but showing her it's OK to not be perfect will help them to live without creative limits.

What do you do to encourage creativity?

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