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Foamë Origin Set #01

"Y'ar it's pirates life foamë"... Inside a zip-top bag, seadogs aged 5-99 will find 123 foam building blocks of booty - ideal for all intrepid voyagers destined to explore the high bathtub seas.

The perfect flotsam for the stranded seafarer to create a raft or a Galleon and everything in between.


Ahoy there, me mateys! Let us introduce you and your little shipmates to our Voyages playset - perfect for the tiny pirates in your life. The boats and ships in this collection are manned by the voyagers of the Foamëverse, who charge themselves with keeping all sea life safe while discovering new lands and species. 

As you’d expect from a seaworthy set, these foam bath toys are versatile - so they can be commandeered by toddlers and teenagers alike. Don’t worry, though - it’s not ‘all work and no play’ in the Foamëverse (far from it!). Our Voyages set comes kitted out with sailboats, desert islands and surfboards, so there’s plenty of ways for your little boys and girls to take a break from being deckhands. 

If you’re a seasoned sea dog who can’t wait to get your mini buccaneers on-board, the captains are always on the lookout for new recruits - so if you think your hearties are up to the job, get involved!


123 blocks and pieces inside a zip-top, take-along, super satchel and supplied with an illustrated guidebook giving all the information your salty sea dogs need to build: 

* Viking ship 
* Island 
* Junk boat 
* Surfer 
* Sailing boat 
* Speed boat 
* Long boat 
* Windsurfer 
* Schooner 
* Passenger plane 
* Pirate ship 


Click for PDF. Link

No sailing experience necessary + bonus builds contained inside!


Before Foamë, there were mouldy bath toys. Before Foamë, there were toy bricks that injured little (and large) feet. Before Foamë, there was a world of construction just waiting to be discovered by people with little hands and big imaginations everywhere. See a new world through a playful lens..

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